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Thanks to healing springs containing hydrogen sulfide, thousands of people come to Slatinice every year, not only from Moravia, but also from the rest of the country orfrom the abroad. Near the popular lookout tower Velký Kosíř, our clients enjoy top spa care focused on the treatment of the musculoskeletal and circulatory system as well as nervous, skin, or oncological diseases. But it is not just the surrounding environment, spa cuisine and the beneficial composition of the local healing springs that our guests have loved so much. You can choose from a wide range of spa treatments for health and relaxation. We offer sulfur and other types of baths, spa massages, various compresses and packes, therapeutic pools, saunas and private baths and many other spa treatments. Our special full-body massages from different parts of the world are also important. Do you want to forget on everyday stress and move to exotic distances that smell of sandalwood, cinnamon, coconut and spices? That is exactly what our exotic massages are about. Remember the feeling when someone washes your hair for a long time and you are blissful. Massages with exotic oils are one of the most pleasant treatments and offer deep relaxation. Techniques from India, Sri Lanka, Fiji or Madagascar can completely relieve tension, anxiety and pain. You will leave scented, rested and with a clear head. Let yourself be coddled in our Slatinice spa.

Lázeňský dům Balnea ve Slatinicích hodnocení