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Sulfur springs in Slatinice | Lázně Slatinice

The Slatinice sulfur spring – BJ 12 – is a natural, moderately mineralized water with an increased content of the sulfide sulfur, chemical type HCO3-Cl-Ca-Na-Mg. It is an alkaline, clear, cold mineral water, without sediment with a hydrogen sulfide odor.

Our natural healing source is suitable for

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • skin diseases
  • nervous diseases
  • oncological diseases
  • diseases of the circulatory system (II/4, II/5)
The suitability of the source in terms of its composition is determined on the basis of analyzes by the reference laboratory and is listed in the Gazette of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, issue 5 from 2008. In the case of application of a natural medicinal source, it is a non-pharmacological treatment.
Complete indication list.

Complete indication list.
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The main healing effects of springs

External balneation

  • suitable for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system – a good clinical effect has been demonstrated in rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, stabilizes cell membranes and have effect against tissue swelling
  • suitable for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system by affecting the function of myofibrils and vasodilation of arterial joints has an affect on slowing down the course of myopathies
  • suitable for the treatment of skin disease – keratolytic, trophic and disinfectant effect is beneficial for the treatment of psoriasis, scleroderma, scars and eczema

Inter balneation

  • effect on the digestive system – slightly neutralizes stomach acid, has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes digestion

  • effect on metabolism – affects the acid-base balance of the body, positively affects blood sugar levels and increase glycogen storage in the liver
  • effect on kidneys and urinary tract – has diuretic effects and shifts the pH of the urine to the alkaline side, supports bladder function
  • effect on the musculoskeletal system – a positive effect on the hardness of bones and teeth, cartilage nutrition


The treatment source BJ 12 is stable in temperature and in total mineralization, with its unique combination is boundary of earthy, sulphidic and slightly radioactive waters and is suitable for the treatment of indication groups VI, VII, X and some diagnoses of indication groups I and II.

Sulfur healing springs in Slatinice

Jan Adam of Liechtenstein

This healing spring is the youngest in the Slatinice spa, it replaced the previously used spring of St. Wenceslas. It was put into operation in 2011, it was discovered two years earlier. It springs to the surface for the public in the spa park in front of the main building. The well has a depth of 372 m and at 180 m there is a depth fault. This makes it possible to use mineral water from both deposits.


St. John

This healing spring springs to the surface from a depth of 110 m above the spa house Morava. The healing spring was discovered in 1973 and in 2000 it was reconstructed.


St. George

It was opened in 2001. The healing spring springs to the surface next to the Morava spa house from a depth of 92 m and the temperatura is about 17 °C.


Spa fountain

In 2010 a new fountain called the Spa Flower was opened in front of the Morava spa house, through which flows the healing spring of St. George. Everything was desined and realized from the sandstone from Hořice by the artist Pavel Surma.



WARNING: Before the entrance to the sulfur bath, we recommend removing all jewellery. Unwanted discoloration of precious metals may occur.

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